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Private Investigator Services
Private Investigator Services
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Private Investigator Jobs
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Private Investigation and Background Checks

Private Investigators Love Time Stamps

So, should I hire a private detective? Should I do a background check online? What if online information isn't enough.", just a few questions you might ask yourself if a situation that requires a private investigator presents itself. If you need anything more than a public document of things that have occurred in the past, you'll need to hire a private investigator to track developments in real time, and provide proof of timing (time-stamps on everything). You need to know what is happening now. A private investigator's job is to record current events which support a claim. The claim may be know to the public or be suspected by oneself.

PI tasks will vary based on the job requirement. Techniques and tools normally used will need to fit the client's need, or be modified. The private eye services you should expect from a professional private investigation firm should include photo and video surveillance, person tracking, witness interviews, pre-employment verification, national and state level civil and criminal background checks, and both, criminal and civil matter investigations. Attorneys commonly use PIs in cases involving civil liability, personal injury, auto insurance claims, child custody matters, premarital screenings, and financial fraud investigations. In fact, if you hire an attorney and your case requires you prove another parties actions, your attorney will likely hire a private investigator on your behalf, or might even have one in-house.

How to Choose the Right Investigator

Here's a quality to look for in the PI firm you're considering to work with... are they know for delivering results, and are they results driven. Claiming to be a "professional" company doesn't cut it. Some of the top rated private investigation firms in the country only achieved their status through years of commitment, perseverance, and creativity. These private investigation firms regularly hire retired law enforcement and offer ongoing training to their staff. Their clients enjoy knowing they've entrusted their needs to a results driven business, skilled in the discovery of matters related to deception and deviance.

Insurance Fraud

Workmans Compensation Claims

Workmans Compensation Claims FraudIn cases involving fraudulent workers' compensation claims, private investigators carry out covert observation of the person(s) suspected of committing fraud. If the investigator observes a person performing activities which contradict injuries stated in a worker's compensation claim, the investigator takes video and/or still photographs of the subject and documents the activity. Investigators may testify in court as to the observations they've made. Employers, adjusters, insurance companies, and attorneys frequently use professional fraud investigators to assist in identifying fraudulent claims. Expert PI's provide detailed reports accurately reflecting facts discovered during surveillance, assisting in denying claims, and as needed, compelling law enforcement to file criminal charges.

Background Checks

Civil and Criminal Search & Pre-employment Verification

Background ChecksWhether you're an employer in need of employment screening or an attorney preparing evidence for a case, an experienced private investigator can provide complete and thorough civil and criminal background checks on persons or entities, both public and private. Investigators specializing in record checks have the knowledge and expertise to locate civil and criminal records, judgments, lawsuits, prior residences, and places of employment. Information including arrest records, current phone numbers, motor vehicle registrations, club memberships, social network details, and even GPS coded and time-stamped photographs can be discovered by an experienced PI firm. The investigation may warrant a simply online records check, or can range up to requiring methodical investigative work. Cost will range with the service(s) needed. A full service PI firm may also offer polygraph examinations.

Financial Fraud Investigation

Asset Misappropriation, Embezzlement, and Records Fraud

Financial Fraud InvestigationAn estimated $300 billion is lost each year due to asset misappropriation, embezzlement, corruption, and financial records fraud. Now more than ever, an experienced private investigator is necessary to uncover financial theft and reduce such losses. Financial fraud may include the theft of cash, sales schemes, invoice kickbacks, bribery, theft of inventory, bid rigging, falsifying wages and/or employee hours, unrecorded or understated sales, and misuse of company assets. A private investigator can be hired to conduct an investigation and determine which financial assets may have been affected, as well as establish the identity of the person(s) who is responsible for committing the crime. By conducting background checks into personal history, reviewing credit records and court documents, and revealing personal assets, an experienced private investigator with financial crimes knowledge may uncover a suspect's efforts to conceal their actions. The investigator's primary duty is to discover evidence allowing for the successful prosecution of a fraud suspect, and for civil matters, proving your case. <

Domestic Partnerships

Cheating Spouses and Infidelity in Marriage & Domestic Partnerships

Cheating Spouse InvestigationA painful life experience one might endure is that of a cheating spouse or domestic partner. Often not knowing makes it worse. This is when you'll need to hire a private investigator that can provide you with proof of your spouse or partner's affair. An investigator may discover information about the subjects whereabouts and with whom he or she is. Most importantly, identifying the nature of their relationship. Spousal affair investigators may follow the subject to locations where the suspected infidelity occurs. Using high tech surveillance, including HD cameras, powerful image capturing binoculars, cell phone and computer data retrieval tools, experienced detectives gather valuable information pertaining to the subject(s) and his or her actions. Most surveillance can be conducted with one investigator. Affairs which occur while a spouse or partner is on business or traveling may require additional resources and cost significantly more. In these situations it is best to find a local PI firm in the city where your cheating spouse or partner travels often.

When in doubt, hiring a private investigator specializing in the field of spousal and domestic partnership affairs will help you learn the truth. As far as determining how much such an investigation may cost, you will first need to determine your need to know this information. If the purpose of the investigation is for legal proceedings, such as in a divorce, it may be required that the investigation take longer as to obtain more evidence, as well as require the construction of detailed reports and legal documentation. In private cases not requiring legal action, simply viewing a 5 minute surveillance video might be all that's needed, but ask for a copy just in case. Consult with a professional private investigation firm to learn how uncovering the truth may benefit you, whether for court, or simply peace of mind.




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