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Private Patrol Operator Services

Well Marked and Highly Visible Patrol Vehicles

We've all see them. Sometimes we even think they're real police cars, until we read "security" or "private patrol". Well... criminals think the same way. Having a well marked and highly visible security vehicle patrolling your residential or commercial property provides an extreme level of deterrence and optimum peace of mind. Patrol officers can investigate signs of wrongdoing, uncover potential dangers, and deter criminal activity. Whether the location being patrolled is large or small, a professional private patrol operator can accommodate the need by using patrol vehicles ranging from motorized golf carts to fully equipped patrol cars with amber light bars and high power spotlights. State and federal laws disallow the use of blue or red lights for private patrol.

Professional Patrol Officer on Duty

A patrol officer's primary duties should include inspecting your property for vandalism, checking for unlocked windows, doors and gates, arming and disarming alarm systems, removing loiterers and deterring crime in general. While the patrol officer is on duty and patrolling they must be alert to potential trouble spots on or about your property, and in the vicinity of their patrol area. The officer should have a checkpoint plan which restricts the use of systematic patrols, as to not allow criminals to pin point an officer's location during a given time of day. The officer must be trained in crime apprehension, as well as residential security service needs. A private patrol officer may be armed, and that will be a matter to discuss with the patrol officer company at the time of hire. Typically hiring an armed patrol officer will cost more. There are certain situation when an armed officer is called for, and then there are those that aren't. Most often however you will uncover that patrol officers are armed. Due to the logistics of job requiring the deployment of patrol vehicles, the requirement of armed officers may also necessary.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property Private Patrol

Security Vehicle Patrol & Public Safety

Commercial private patrol services will include as required and/or instructed:
  • Bike Patrol
  • Traffic Control
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Access Badge Control
  • CCTV Camera Monitoring
  • Securing Door & Windows
  • Duties Specific to your Property
  • Monitoring Entrance & Exit Gates
Commercial Security services provided by the SGE™ network:

Residential Property

Residential Property Patrol Service

Peace of Mind through Private Patrol

Residential private patrol services will include as required and/or instructed:
  • Bike Patrol
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Monitoring Pool activity
  • Discouraging Criminal Activity
  • Monitoring Entrance & Exit Gates
  • Responding to Resident Complaints
  • Ensuring Gates and Doors are Secure
  • Looking for Signs of Potential Hazards
Residential Security services provided by the SGE™ network:

Government Property

Government Property Patrol Service

High Profile Perimeter Protection

Government private patrol services will include as required and/or instructed:
  • Traffic Control
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Access Badge Control
  • Employee Vehicle Escort
  • CCTV Camera Monitoring
  • Duties Specific to Government
  • Monitoring Entrance & Exit Gates
Government services provided by the SGE™ network:

Executive Protection

VIP Executive Armed Transportation

Ultimate Security through Mobility

Executive private patrol services will include as required and/or instructed:
  • Monitoring Public Traffic
  • Armored Vehicle Escort
  • High Risk Traffic Control
  • Executive Transportation
  • Mobile Vehicle Barricade
  • Assisting Police Personnel
  • Duties Specific to Executives



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